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📚 Librarians: MyBib is now on the G Suite Marketplace

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Posted on August 28, 2019 by Daniel Elias · 1 min read
MyBib on the GSuite Marketplace

We've been asked for G Suite integration a lot recently and today we can finally announce that, in collaboration with Google, MyBib is now available on the G Suite Marketplace.

If you're a school that uses G Suite, Google Apps, or Google SSO (single sign-on) you can now add MyBib to your Google Apps domain. This adds a direct login button to the apps menu for all the students in your domain, and allows them to tie their MyBib account with their Google account.

🎉 New Feature: Embed bibliographies in your LMS, blog, or website

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Posted on July 18, 2019 by Daniel Elias · 2 min read
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Bibliographies are most often associated with academic papers, but academic papers aren't the only medium where information is cited. In fact, most of the information that we pass on day-to-day usually comes from somewhere else. And just like when we write academically, it's also good practice to cite the sources of the information we share in order to back up our claims and statements.

🎉 New Feature: Invite others to your bibs!

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Posted on January 28, 2019 by Daniel Elias · 1 min read
Animation showing how to share bibliographies

January's almost behind us, and we've just added another hot new feature to MyBib. Building a bibliography with a group can be tedious (not to mention lonely 😛). Group members are throwing sources and updates at you from every direction, and it falls on your shoulders to make sure they're all cited -- and correctly too. That's a pressure you could do without.

We have the solution! We've added a way for your group members to securely access one of your bibliographies from their own computer or device so they can make changes without you.