How to cite a textbook in APA format

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✔️ Answered on July 21, 2021 by Daniel Elias · 3 min read

In this guide we’re going to be citing a textbook in APA 7 style. Like a regular book, textbooks are a published medium and a credible source to cite from. The method for citing them is similar, too.

How to cite a textbook automatically

Our free textbook citation generator can automatically create citations for textbooks–just search for the title of the textbook in the search box below.

How to cite a textbook by hand

Here’s what you need to know to cite textbooks correctly yourself every time:

Locate the textbook details

First, locate the details below. These can all be found on the textbook front cover, back cover, or within the first few pages inside.

  • Author names. These will usually be on the front page of the textbook.
  • Year published. Look on the back of the book or in the first few pages for this. The copyright date will do just fine.
  • Textbook title. On the front of the book, say no more.
  • Edition. Textbooks usually display this on the front cover. Otherwise it will be in the first few pages. This is not needed if it’s the first edition.
  • Publisher. This will almost definitely be in the first few pages, close to the year published.
  • Pages used. Look in the corners of the pages that you took information from.

Citation template

Next, position the details in this order and format:

Author last name, Author first name initial. (Year published). Textbook title (Edition, pages used). Publisher.

Your citation should look like this:

Perrin, R. (2015). Pocket guide to APA style (2nd ed., pp.34-36). Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

Example of a textbook citation in APA style

That’s it! You are ready to cite a textbook in APA style.