APA Reference Page

An APA reference page is a list of sources you've mentioned or used throughout your writing, formatted in the APA style, and should be included at the very end of your paper. The details of each source must be displayed in a specific way, depending on the type of the source (websites, books, journals, or other sources).

The Basics

A Reference Page must:

  • Have the title of 'Reference List' at the very top
  • Show every source you've directly referenced in your paper, or taken data from to help you write your paper.
  • List all sources in alphabetical order by the author's last name. For example, a source by Albert Einstein would be higher in the list than a source by Elon Musk, as the E in Einstein comes before the M in Musk alphabetically.
  • Use a hanging indent for each entry after the first line, indented by half an inch from the left margin.
  • Retain all original punctuation and formatting for any names and titles of the sources.

Our APA citation generator can do all this for you automatically. To start, just search for one of the sources used in your writing using the tool below. Alternatively we have also explained how to format specific sources on the next page.