Premium Features

Other citation tools charge a monthly subscription for their 'premium' features. We don't.


We can take a piece of information about a source, like the website address, book ISBN, journal DOI, or even just a title and author, and automatically find the rest of the information needed to make a completely formatted citation.

Your own account

Save your work to the cloud and access it from anywhere later, we don't charge you to do this. All we need is your email address and a password so we know it's you.

No limits

Your bibliographies never expire on MyBib. They'll still be here next decade, let alone next week. And there's no limit to the number of citations or bibliographies you can create, either.

Download your work

We don't stop you from downloading your work after building a bibliography. Download straight to Word, or import it into another tool like Zotero or Mendeley. There's also BibTeX and JSON for the geeks among us.

Use our addons

We have extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge available now, and have add-ons for Google Docs and Word coming soon. You can use them all for free.

All the styles

If you need more than just MLA style, that's OK. We have over 9,000 citation styles available including APA, Chicago, and Harvard, and they're all free to use.

No ads

We don't charge you for an ad-free experience, because an ad-free experience is the default on MyBib. This makes our tool lightning fast and distraction free.

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