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We’ve Made a FREE Alternative to RefME for Harvard Referencing

MyBib is a free reference generator built for 2020.

Hey! Looking for a free RefME alternative that isn’t Cite This For Me?

We’ve got one for you to try.

It’s called MyBib, and it’s a modern referencing generator inspired by RefME. RefME was a great referencing tool that was shut down in 2017, and we share their vision of making an amazing Harvard referencing tool available to everyone to free.

Read on to find out why MyBib is the perfect RefME alternative.

1. MyBib is absolutely free

We think tools for students and education should be accessible and free. Unlike other referencing tools, we don’t charge you to use our tool, or hide all the best features behind a monthly subscription. You don’t even need to create an account for MyBib, and all our features are available to everyone right from the beginning.

There’s no limitations, no countdowns, and no hidden gotchas here.

2. MyBib has zero ads

Ads are the worst. Not only are they distracting, they can also allow malware and nasty cookies into your computers. They can slow down your computer, suck up all your bandwidth, and track your browsing habits as you search the web. It’s no surprise that more people are using ad blockers now than ever before.

MyBib doesn’t have any ads — we hate them.

3. MyBib is super accurate

We’re using the same referencing technology to format references and citations that Mendeley and Zotero use — two academic-level citation managers — so you can rely on it to be accurate. No double checking required here.

4. MyBib is quick and easy to use

We built MyBib to be make referencing as easy as possible. It’s also freaking fast — in our speed tests, MyBib was almost 4 times faster than the other referencing tools out there.

MyBib also has add-ons for your browser so that you can autocite websites, journals, and PDFs in a single click without leaving the page.

5. MyBib is independent

This is a community-run project and the code is open-source for everyone to look at. If you’re able to contribute towards the development of MyBib, feel free!


MyBib is the RefME alternative for you if…

  • You want an amazing referencing tool without having to pay a monthly subscription (or any money at all)
  • Ads suck and you hate them as much as we do
  • You rely on your referencing generator to give you professional-quality citations that don’t need double-checking
  • Being fast and easy to use is important to you

Try the next best thing to RefME by clicking the button below to start building your bibliography.