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MyBib: A Smart New Alternative to Noodletools

Hey there! So you’re searching for a Noodletools alternative. Noodletools is a great way to introduce students to citations, but it’s not perfect.

We thought we could do better, so we’ve made MyBib – a brand new citation and bibliography manager. It’s just like Noodletools, except newer, free-er, and easier to use. Students have told us the top 5 reasons why they think MyBib is worth switching to, and we’ve listed them below.

1. MyBib is free forever

Not all schools have the budget for a paid citation tool, and we want to help with that. MyBib is free with no catches – it’s open-source, and developed by academics from colleges like Harvard and MIT for the academic community. Students don’t have to pay anything, either. And if your school does have the budget for a citation tool, then it’s time to start thinking about what else it could be allocated towards instead.

2. MyBib creates perfect bibliographies in over 9,000 styles

Did you know that at college a good bibliography can count for up to 20% of the total marks for your paper? But depending on the institution it may need to be in a specific citation style. MLA is popular in middle and high school, but often other styles like APA, Chicago, and Harvard are used beyond that.

This isn’t a problem if you use MyBib – we support all the citation styles used at colleges and universities all over the country, and have hundreds of bespoke styles for individual schools too – try searching for your school’s name on the style search screen.

We also really care about accuracy, because if you’re going to trust a citation generator to create your citations then you need it to get them right. Our auto citing engine is one of the best available at automatically locating details for a source, so we can find all the meticulous details about something you’ve cited without you needing to do anything. It’s actually the same engine used by Mendeley (the citation software used by professionals) except MyBib is much easier to learn and use.

3. MyBib isn’t a business

We have just one goal: to make the best citation and bibliography manager possible for the benefit of students all over the world. And we don’t have any of the things that would distract us from our mission that a business might have, like revenue targets.

MyBib is student friendly
MyBib is student friendly

We believe that tools built to aid students and education should be accessible and free, and that’s what we spend 100% of our time working on.

4. MyBib is easy to learn and use

Learning a new tool is hard, especially for younger students, so we’ve made a special effort to make MyBib intuitive and easy to use. There’s prompts and tips for students as they use parts of the tool for the first time, and our interface is simple and easy to read. We’ve also taken some design cues from Google, so if your students are familiar with Google Docs and other tools from the Google suite then they’ll feel right at home.

5. MyBib is compatible with Google sign-on

If you use Google classroom and your students have Google accounts then they’re only one click away from saving their work to Google Docs — no email addresses or passwords required.

…And MyBib is open source, too

MyBib is open-source. This gives anyone access to download the code that powers our tool, and help us build it out further. We’ve done this to show you that we’re serious about creating something that will last through the years.

Now that you’re more informed all that’s left to do is click the inviting blue button below and start building your bibliography the smarter way.