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Welcome to MyBib, a FREE Cite This For Me Alternative

We’ve made a Harvard referencing tool just like Cite This For Me — and it’s totally free (with NO ads and NO time restrictions!)

Are you trying to find a reference generator that isn’t loaded with ads and doesn’t charge you a monthly subscription for basic features?

We can help with that.

Our Cite This For Me alternative is called MyBib, and we think you’re going to like it.

We’ve created a 5-point list to show you why you should switch from CTFM. So slide down the page and join us as we compare Cite This For Me vs. our tool MyBib.

1. MyBib is completely free

There’s no paywalled features or hidden gotchas here. MyBib is 100% free with no catches, time limits, or restrictions.

You can save your work, download formatted bibliographies, use our add-ons, collaborate with others, and do all the things Cite This For Me makes you pay for, all for free ūüĎć

2. MyBib has no ads

MyBib is totally ad-free
MyBib is totally ad-free

We think ads are bad. They make websites slow and laggy, and make your laptop fan launch into overdrive. There are no ads on MyBib, and there never will be.

3. MyBib produces reliably accurate references

Your bibliography or reference list can count for up to 20% of your assignment grade, so it’s important that you format it correctly.

MyBib removes the need to worry. We’re using the same core technology that powers Mendeley and Zotero — the professional-grade referencing software used by researchers and academics at top colleges and universities all around the world. It’s called citeproc-js, and it builds bibliographies so accurate that they would be accepted into academic journals.

4. MyBib is built for 2020

MyBib is just like an app on your phone, or software you can download and install, except it all runs on the web. This means you can do things like cut, copy, and undo. Clicking buttons is instant and smooth. You can print your bibliography directly, or export it to Google Docs.

MyBib also works just as well on your phone or tablet as it does on your computer, and we can autocite PDFs too.

5. Students come first

When building MyBib, our only goal has been to create a premium-quality referencing tool to help you manage your references and build bibliographies quickly and easily. We don’t harvest your data, and don’t have any hidden money-making motives.


So, to summarize:

MyBib is a great alternative to Cite This For Me if…

  • You want a reference generator that is 100% free
  • You don’t want to be slowed down and distracted by ads while trying to work
  • It’s important your references are journal-quality accurate
  • You want a tool that’s fast, easy, and intuitive to use

…And MyBib is open-source too

MyBib is open-source. This means that we’ve made our code available for you to look at or download.

In the event we disappear or stop updating the site you can start your own version of MyBib if you want. Or better yet — help us make MyBib even better by contributing to our Github repo.

Now you’re a little more educated feel free to hit that blue button below and start building your first bibliography with MyBib.