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MyBib vs. other citation tools: which is best?

MyBib vs. other citation generators

Howdy! Looking for an alternative bibliography generator that isn’t overrun with ads and doesn’t force you to pay just to use it?

If so, we’ve got something you’re gonna want to see. We’re a brand new bibliography and citation generator tool for students, and we’re not run by the company that own all the rest. In fact, we’re not run by a company at all — just a couple of geeks looking to make simple and usable online tools available to everyone for free. We’ve prepared an analysis comparing our citation tool, MyBib, with some of the other ones you’re probably (and unfortunately) familiar with.

Here’s the list of the tools we’re comparing against — click through on each tool to see a more in-depth comparison. And if you have any other questions about our comparison or anything else you can shoot us an email at any time on