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🎨 Am I Plagiarizing? Download our FREE infographic to find out!

We mostly know plagiarism as copying someone else’s work without giving them credit, but we often forget that it is also possible to plagiarize even if you think you are following the rules! In fact, this is actually how the majority of cases of plagiarism occur.

Fortunately, most of these accidental cases can be solved simply by adding a citation whenever you have directly included another’s work as a quote, or indirectly as an idea. To help, we’ve made a downloadable (and printable!) flow-chart that makes it super-simple to determine whether you are plagiarizing, and if so, how to fix it.

Am I Plagiarizing infographic

Teacher & librarian bonus: We have a limited number of 18” x 24” glossy posters available for your library or classroom! If you would like one shipped to you (for free!) please fill out the form below.

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